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         Mr. George Bobylin Ahu has evolved an innovative model of collecting and accounting for Value Added Tax (VAT) which is a synthesis from the principal enactment of the Ghana VAT law Act 546, 1998 VAT amendments Act 734, 2007 and Act 810, 2011 of the current VAT System.

         He studied and researched into the VAT Systems and believes the situation is similar in almost all capitalist democracies and there is one thing in common, every business operator everywhere is suffering unless corners are cut and that it is time old wrong ways gave way to the new and good.



         Fair VAT (Value Added Tax) registered operators who collect the Sales tax, shall charge at the standard rate 15% on consumers where Fair VFRS (Fair VAT Flat Rate Scheme) operators shall account for Fair VAT at the Flat rate 3% and non-Fair VFRS operators within VAT rate [0, 3%] (all with or without Sales Tax Input receipts meaning invoice-credit scheme shall be scrapped) and all on the Sales value of all vatable goods and services.


It must be remarked that there shall be no


  • Additional or other or mix-up of standard rate and flat rate with others like reduced, super reduced rates
  • Need for turnover brackets to be given different VAT rates

 Thus currently, Mr. George Bobylin Ahu is passionately pursuing the innovative idea of:

1.  Sale of FAIR VAT (P) MODEL

  • Sell for money his proposed Fair Value Added Tax (Proposed) model to countries which would find it interesting

Simultaneously, Mr. Ahu is pursuing the idea to:



  • Show Leaders (Presidents) of various countries in the world how the Fair VAT (Proposed) can boost their economies.
  • Bring to the doorstep of business operators proper understanding of the Fair Value Added Tax.
  • Put business operators under one umbrella to be able to claim amounts they were and are overtaxed.
  • Afford relief from over taxation for business operators who are the actual VAT payers paying Tax directly on Value Added to VAT Service.
  • VAT is a direct tax on the operator
  • VAT is an indirect tax on the consumer.
  • VAT is an indirect tax is wrong

  • Relieve operators from being haunted by overdose prescriptions of VAT due payments.
  • Influence government policies pertaining to rates of taxes, levies, fees and change of rates. This can affect people positively all over the world.
  • Have Leaders leading in understanding the proposed VAT model.
  • Make sure the changes envisaged do not lead to anarchy  


         Mr. George Bobylin Ahu attended RC primary, Anyako from 1958 to 1964 then proceeded to LA/RC Middle School, Anyako from 1964 to 1967. He furthered his education at Mawuli School, Ho from 1967 to 1972 and also at St. Augustine's College, Cape Coast from 1972 to 1974.

He enrolled at University of Science and Technology, Kumasi, from 1974 to 1977. In 1979 and 1986, he pursued the Customs House Agents Course at Tema.



         Mr. Ahu started his working life in Masonry and Carpentry and a bit of fishing in the Keta Lagoon with his father Mr. Michael Kwasi Ahu from 1963 or earlier. He had a stint at the Research Department of the then Central Revenue Department now the Internal Revenue Service in 1974. He had worked under a vacation training program at the Engineering Department of the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation in 1975. He had another spell at the Research Department of Bank of Ghana under the Director of Research Dr. Osborne Jackson in 1976. He later got employed as a Mathematics Teacher in Tema Secondary School from 1977 to 1978. He started Clearing and Forwarding Agent business in 1978 with the Herbtamak Agency as Manager under Herbert Tamakloe and C. Y. Adopley of the Forces Movement, Tema.

From 1979 to date, he established Trafix Ltd. to continue his Clearing and Forwarding and other businesses as the Managing Director. In 1982 Trafix Ltd. took over the running of the Port of Tema Central Kitchen for Restaurant and Catering Services and in 1999 the Courtyard of the National Theatre of Ghana as well. He currently has co-directors as Mrs. Bella Ahu (wife) and Mr. Eli Ahu (son) running international cuisine restaurants located in Tema Main Harbour and the National Theatre of Ghana in Accra; a Catering unit at the Vertical Centre, Tema and an emerging one at the Ohene Djan Sports Stadium, Accra.

         Mr Ahu is a Customs House Agent (Tax Agent), Tax Analyst and Industrialist. He is a Caterer, Business Application Software Analyst with other job experiences in the career profile of Material Engineering, Plumbing (water, gas, oil) and Energy Economy Engineering in multi-cuisine Cooking (fire point design and manufacture).

Mr. GB Ahu is a ceramist, designer and fabricator of equipment including gas fired kilns for the Ceramic industry.

Mr. Ahu is now an e-publisher having established this website gbahu.com to deal with the negative effects of the tax system, particularly Value Added Tax,  in Ghana and the world at large.        

         Mr. Ahu believes in self-reliance and versatility for survival. He strives to improve on prevailing technologies backed by his art, science and mathematical educational background. He has mentored a number of people and will stimulate people to great heights selflessly. He has been able to overcome obstacles in his way evidenced by sustenance of high standard of products of his company. He believes in producing from our own sources using the 3Hs (Head, Heart and Hand), the motto of his alma mater, Mawuli School. He believes it is better for Ghanaians to improve the quality of our food preparations and service more especially by ourselves and by our own means. It is in pursuance of this that Cook Art Ghana came into being in 1999.

         Mr. GB Ahu inspired and appointed his wife Mrs. Bella Ahu Coordinator between Trafix Ltd. and Cook Art Ghana to relive Ghanaian cuisine having achieved mastery of the foreign, especially, the Chinese cuisine. He is a master designer of Chinese kitchen fire point. Cook Art Ghana has become the toast of Ghanaians for which Trafix Ltd. won awards from Ghana Tourist Board and the Tema Metropolitan Assembly and his wife Mrs. Bella Ahu several and the latest the 2011AD Millennium Award of Excellence in reliving and promoting Ghanaian cuisine.


         During the few moments that Mr. Ahu is not busy in the office or home, he gets occupied with Basketball, Lawn Tennis, Sundown and sunrise watch, Sketching and fabrication



         He claims he is under tons of pressure of challenges due to the fact that Sales Tax was misrepresented as Value Added Tax in the statutes since 1954 or it could even date as far back as 1918. In addition, the belief that taxpaying is something that must be supported by brute force and where it becomes necessary by arms, care was sacrificed for the principles of taxation. A tax law must be simple, fair, equitable, progressive and most important, be conducive to peace.

         The recession rushing through various territories of the world like bushfire is the result of wrong tax laws and evidently threatens world peace on one hand from havoc wreaked on businesses, owners or proprietors of businesses, workers threatened with layoffs and many months without pay, etc., and on the other no adequate tax money for the consolidated fund where government businesses and workers suffer similar fate.


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